Knåddskogen is a single-player, exploration game where you take on the role as a kindergarten teacher searching for her missing class in the depths of a Swedish forest.

It's a bizarre adventure, which turns an otherwise tough situation to something fun and quirky with a lot of humor.

Knåddskogen was made by 9 students during a 7 week course at Futuregames, a vocational school located in Stockholm, Sweden.

I worked on character design and environment concepts.

I alos drew cutscenes shown inte beginning and end of the game.

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Heading Home

In Heading Home you play as a space robot who has to find his way home after a series of unfortunate events. Communications are broken and so you are left entirely alone to find your way home.

Due to your small size, you might find it difficult to get around. That’s why you’ll have to use your ingenuity to traverse, and on your way you’ll find tools left behind from the old world that will help you find your way home.

I work with concept for characters, environment and assets. I also made the skybox for the game.








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